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The Active Energy Alliance (AEA) is an organization that is committed to educating others on all things “energy.” Since our inception, we have balanced modern technology with the natural world, and sought ways to maximize the benefits that people can draw from both, either separately or together. Beyond our mission of education, we have recently branched out into the development of techniques and hardware to allow some devices to operate more efficiently. However, our true love is conservation. With that in mind, we are kicking off the “Shut it Down” message campaign.

In this modern day and age, we are constantly bombarded with information. Visual and auditory stimulation from technological devices never stops, and the devices never stop, either. Though many modern energy devices are efficient with how they use power, the sheer number of devices and the increased use of them has caused overall energy use to increase dramatically. In other words, the devices aren’t the problem; the problem is the way they’re used.

We at AEA plan to bring awareness to this energy issue, and promote turning off devices on a more frequent basis. We promote the conservation of energy instead of just being efficient with its use. While energy devices are off, we’re pushing for individuals to escape from some of the constant barrage of information and go outside, both for their health and as a way to enjoy nature while it’s there.

The ultimate goal of our “call
to action” campaign–“Shut it Down”–is to educate individuals who are transitioning to adulthood about the benefits
of taking daily breaks from technology. Our aim is to encourage these individuals
to turn off their technological devices for an hour a day–to conserve energy–and go
outside to enjoy a the benefits that come with spending
time outdoors.