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About Us

Hi. We’re the Shut it Down campaign from the Active Energy Alliance, and we’re encouraging you to turn off your technological devices for an hour a day, to save energy, and get outside.

That’s right. We’re a website, telling you to turn off whatever device you’re reading this on. If you’re at home, turn it off right now and go outside. GO!

If you’re at work, you can keep reading. But turn off your tech when you go home tonight, yeah? Yeah.

You can read more about us and our history here, but only after you’ve already 'Shut it Down' for an hour.

News & Stories

Here’s where to get the lastest on what’s going on with the Shut it Down campaign. We post updates here because we sure aren’t going to send them out. An e-blast would be counter-intuitive, wouldn’t it? You spend too much time checking email as it is.

You can also read our articles featured in magazines like TIME, Men’s Health, and Maxim, assuming you’re too cheap to actually buy a copy.

Plus, we have stories from real people about how much energy they’re saving from following our advice. Some of them are good, all of them are entertaining.


Have a question about the campaign? Want to share your story? Interested in having us come to your area? Here’s an array of places to contact us, whether you prefer email, Twitter, or good ol’ fashioned snail mail.